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Monday, January 30, 2017

Top 5 Derby Hats for Kids 2017

Derby hats for Kids

Looking for best derby hats for kids online? Here is the list of Top 5 Kentucky Derby Hats as of 2017 to buy online. Derby hats for kids can be homemade or custom made according to your budget. If you are to attend Kentucky Derby 2017 with your kids, then you must choose one of these most popular derby hats for kids listed below.

List of Top 5 Derby Hats for Kids:

1. Mouse Ears Derby Hat for Kid

Mouse ears derby hat for kids

This is a funky mouse ear derby hat for kids who are dressing up for horse racing. It has a nice vibrant colour with a cute polka dot bow and a polka dot ribbon going around the crown of the hat.The inner circumference of this hat is about 6.5 inches which provide a large headroom for your kid. This hat will present a bold statement for your child in the 2017 derby race for sure.

2. Tuscom Kids Fashion Solid Color Derby Hat

Tuscom Kids Fashion Solid Color Derby Hat

Tuscom kids fashion solid colour derby hat has been very popular among rich kids who join their parents for Kentucky derby events. It is available in wide range of colours and separate hat accessories online. A nice matching colour strip surrounds the cap crown which gives grace to the appearance. You can also make derby hats for kids at home but custom made hats for children are more appealing and of high-quality material. 

3. Red Top Hat for Kids

Red Top Hat for Kids

At the number third spot is beautiful and lustrous red derby hat for kids.  This is holiday hat which will compliment your Kentucky derby dress. Kids love red colour hats with a high top crown so this is perfect for them. Children may choose different colours as it is also available in a variety of colours online. 

4. ACVIP Kids Unisex-Child Vintage Cute Felt Cloche Derby Bowler Hat Cap

ACVIP Kids Unisex-Child Vintage Cute Felt Cloche Derby Bowler Hat Cap

This amazing child hat has been on the top of the chart for a very long period of time. Since this is a casual hat which your kid can wear on the different set of occasions like a tea party, Christmas holidays and fishing activity etc. Nowadays parents tend to buy an item which can daily use. So this is that kind of derby hat for the kid which can be used on the everyday event. \

5. White Plastic Skimmer Star Band Party Accessory Hat

White Plastic Skimmer Star Band Party Accessory Hat
The last Kentucky derby hat for the kids on out list is white plastic skimmer star band party accessory hat. This is made from a soft plastic material which does not allow water to pass through. It is comfortable in hats since it has a nice 22-inch circumference under the crown. Manufactured and designed in the USA, this hat gives a traditional American look on the field. 


This concludes our list of 5 best derby hats for kids in 2017. You can also search how to make a derby hat for kids at home if you are not looking to spend some dollars. But great festivals come with great prices. You must be in derby dress code to watch the horse race live. 

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