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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Most Expensive Kentucky Derby Hats 2017

Most Expensive Derby Hats 2017

You may be anxious to know which are the most expensive Kentucky derby hats in the States. In order to attend 2017 Kentucky Derby, it is mandatory to follow derby dress code. So it becomes a luxury to wear the most expensive hat for women and men in Kentucky derby race. Here I list some of the most desirable and expensive Kentucky derby hats as of 2017.

List of Most Expensive Derby Hats for Women

1. Bubble Cloche Rhinestone Tassel Beaded Couture Hat

Bubble Cloche Rhinestone Tassle Beaded Couture Hat

It is a limited edition rhinestone beaded hat which will compliment your Kentucky derby dress. It is a handmade personally tailored derby hat which comes with a price that will blow your mind. The head size is approximately 23 1/2- 24" but has a drawstring for size adjustment. You will get a complimentary custom travel and storage hat box with this expensive Kentucky derby hat if you buy from Amazon.  

2. Juliet Cloche Beaded Couture Feather Estrella Turquoise Mix

Juliet Cloche Beaded Couture Feather Estrella Turquoise Mix

Another member of the most expensive derby hats for women list is Juliet Cloche Beaded Couture Feather Estrella Turquoise Mix. This luxury derby hat has beautiful side feathers which enhance its appearance. The hat has a creative design with satin, rhinestones beading with couture feathers Estrellas. This may inspire you to design creative Kentucky derby hats for women as well. 

3. Mr Song Millinery Kentucky Topper Rhinestone Crystal Beaded Couture Hat Red Siam Ruby 

Mr. Song Millinery Kentucky Topper Rhinestone Crystal Beaded Couture Hat Red Siam Ruby

Kentucky Topper Rhinestone crystal beaded hat is a beautifully designed red Kentucky derby hat designed for ladies. The ruby provides a warm grace to the gorgeous ladies on the horse racing tracks. This limited edition hat is exclusively designed by Song Millinery in the USA. If you buying this derby hat online then it will include complimentary custom travel & storage hat box as well. 

4. Black Persian Lamb Derby Hat

Black Persian Lamb Derby Hat

Fulfilled by amazon and sold of Fursnewyork, this black Persian lamb derby hat is on number three spot of our list. The soft fur provides comfort and warmth during the cool 2017 Kentucky derby. In order to measure the widest part of your head calculate one inch above your ears and eyebrows. There are limited colour options in expensive derby hats but the quality remains at par.

5. Bijou Sinamay Ascot Fascinator Hat

Bijou Sinamay Ascot Fascinator Hat

Last but not the least on your countdown is Bijou Sinamay Ascot Fascinator Hat. This hat is manufactured by Cressida with great precision. The quality of raw material used is very high. Natural feathers are installed at the top of the hat manually with utmost care. Please note this is shipped from England so if you looking to attend Kentucky derby 2017 then order online before 7-10 days for standard delivery. 

Our Verdict:

Overall Kentucky Derby hats are known for their vivacious colours and wildly attractive looks. This above list of the most expensive Kentucky derby hats will suffice your need. 

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