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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Top 15 Kentucky Derby Hats to Buy in 2017

Kentucky derby hats

Kentucky derby hats are official dress accessories which have become a status symbol at Kentucky derby hosted every year in Louisville, USA. Today we showcase best Kentucky derby hats you can buy for this year's horse racing event. We have reviewed many derby hats out there in the market and have chosen the most popular and beautiful hats will compliment your derby dress. There are many reputed brands who design derby hats having creative designs and artwork but we have carefully chosen "Scala" as the most respected Kentucky derby hat brand which is available on Amazon.

Best Kentucky Derby Hats of 2017:

Well, horse racing is a rich people game. They love to spend huge money on horses and celebrate the party by the pool. So it is obvious that they do not mind spending few extra bucks on their formal attire. Generally, expensive derby hats have luxury ornaments embedded in them. They are crafted with great precision and style. The fine stitching around the hat is nearly invisible which adds to the beauty of the wearer. The hats can be worn on different occasions such as tea party, pool party or on a wedding anniversary. Some of these hats are exported from Italy and France and make take few days to get delivered to your doorstep. So if you planning to attend Kentucky derby 2017, it is advised that you buy these hats now as the race will be held on May 6. You should check Kentucky derby schedule before buying tickets online. 

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